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Cycling holiday at Lake Achensee: let’s go to the lake!

We don’t just sell food, drinks, and souvenirs; we sell emotions: pure joy, relaxed moments, and true happiness. The summer retreat at Scholastika is back – a top destination for swimming, hiking, or cycling holidays at Lake Achensee! Hike down from the mountains, dive into the lake and resurface, wring the water out of your hair, and take a seat – we are already waiting for you. Trust us: This is where you will enjoy lakeside moments during your swimming, hiking, or cycling holiday at Lake Achensee that will remain in your heart forever. Whether in the stylish SeeRestaurant, our restaurant at Lake Achensee with a lakeview terrace, in the casual SeeGarten lakeside garden directly at the waterfront, on the green SeeWiese lakeside lawn, or in our original ballroom, your heart will leap, and you’ll be sure to make unforgettable memories during your swimming holiday at Lake Achensee.

Cycling holiday at Lake Achensee, hiking, swimming: lakeside moments!

Exercising, cycling, hiking, swimming and splashing around, and diving into the refreshing water to cool off — that’s exactly what you can expect during a swimming, hiking, or cycling holiday at Lake Achensee. But wait, there’s more! Pause, take a deep breath, switch off completely, let your thoughts wander, raise your glass, celebrate life, enjoy yourself, eat, drink, and be merry ... We’ve got the total package for your hiking, swimming, or cycling holiday. Lake Achensee, the ‘sea of Tyrol’ and the ‘fjord of the Alps’, with its glistening turquoise colour and water you could drink, is perfect for carefree lakeside moments. What’s still missing to create lasting memories on holiday at Lake Achensee? You, of course!

Cycling, hiking, swimming at Lake Achensee and after? Scholastika!

After cycling, hiking, walking, and swimming at Lake Achensee, what could be better than a refreshing drink, an ice cream, or a little pick-me-up? A stopover at Scholastika is one of the most popular Lake Achensee tips for a swimming, hiking, or cycling holiday at Lake Achensee. Not only can you splash around here, but you can also experience genuine lakeside moments that soothe your soul. Come for an exquisite fish meal, a burger from the barbecue, delicacies from our smoker, or our signature drink ‘Tante Lilly’ (Aunt Lilly) and experience cosy moments together during your swimming, hiking, or walking holiday at Lake Achensee. You will be surprised how varied a cycling holiday at Lake Achensee can be: Scholastika is located directly along the Via Bavarica, the cycle route from Munich to Verona. If you visit the SeeGarten, our lakeside garden, you can charge your e-bike at our charging station for free!

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