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Get married at Lake Achensee: let’s make it happen!

Do you want to get married at Lake Achensee? Do you not feel like having a cookie-cutter wedding? Then secure our magnificent ballroom on the first floor of the main building, get your loved ones together, and throw the party of your life. Whether it’s a vintage, fairy tale, or biker wedding, in white, all black, or even in green, your wedding at the lake with us is sure to be fantastic. It’s no wonder that getting married at Lake Achensee is getting more and more popular. Our wedding location at the lake is not only perfect because of our ballroom, but also because you have a great view and plenty of space to shake your booty when you get married at Lake Achensee!

Christening, first communion, birthday, or another celebration?

Are you a self-professed single and your wedding at Lake Achensee is still in the distant future? No problem! Our event location at the lake is just as perfect for your charming birthday party, a gallant divorce party, a fun outing for your association, a christening or first communion, or any other fabulous celebration – and not only during your hiking, swimming, or cycling holiday at Lake Achensee. Our motto: Life is too short to say no to a celebration. So, let’s rock it – when getting married at Lake Achensee or during the best party ever!

Wedding at the lake: dance your heart out at Scholastika!

No matter what you’re celebrating, with whom, or for how long – our event location in Austria is a popular place to get married at Lake Achensee, to throw a birthday party, or any other party for that matter. In a secluded location, you can dance and celebrate until the early hours of the morning. Getting married at Lake Achensee will turn night into day – even party poopers will become the life of the party! The best thing about getting married at Lake Achensee: the refreshing drinks and fantastic food from our restaurant at Lake Achensee are provided. You don’t have to worry about a thing. All you need to bring is a good mood, your favourite party people, and your dancing feet. It doesn’t help anybody if we don’t celebrate – so let’s go to Scholastika and let’s get married at Lake Achensee!