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Restaurant with a garden? Scholastika’s SeeGarten!

Right by the water!

Scholastika just once a year? Nonsense! Scholastika is always a good idea. Forget about being “urban chic” and just relax. The lakeside restaurant SeeGarten is a casual place where young and old, big and small, man and animal meet – you’ll fit right in. Whether you wear a swimsuit or a business suit, you can always find a cosy spot under the old, noble chestnut trees, a cold beer in your hand, and a dreamy view of the lake. Or you can grab your loved ones and a refreshing drink and walk peacefully along our jetty on the water. Our SeeGarten is not just a restaurant with a garden, but a meeting place for those who enjoy life.

The SeeGarten, our lakeside garden, offers all kinds of things. When it’s nice outside, the barbecue and smokers are heated up: burgers, Scholastika’s lionfish, and other delicacies are served. The kiosk sells not only ice cream and cold drinks, but also postcards, souvenirs, and many other goodies that are indispensable on your laidback day at the lake. Did you accidentally forget your sun hat at home? No problem! We also offer that at the kiosk. Just browse through our little shop.

So, grab a refreshing summer drink and treat yourself to a snack – with a fresh and regional treat, your day at the lake will taste twice as good. Cheers, my dears!

Wir starten in die Sommersaison!!

Unser Herzstück, das SeeRestaurant, ist ab sofort jeden Mittwoch - Sonntag für Euch da! 

Durchgehend warme Küche! Ruft's gleich an +43 5246 6210 und reserviert Euch  Euren Logenplatz am Nordufer

In unserem neu gestalteten SeeGarten sind wir ab sofort jeden Tag für Euch da! Natürlich wenn es das Wetter zulässt. Ab 11 Uhr bis Schluss. Kommt's einfach vorbei auf an Aperol, Quatscher, Kaffee, ... wir freuen uns!! 

See you!! - Sabine und Marlene