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SeeCafe & SeeBar: good vibes only!

In the mood for lakeside relaxation? We’ve got what you’re looking for! At the northern shores of Lake Achensee, the ‘sea of Tyrol’ and the ‘fjord of the Alps’, there’s a special spot where businesswoman, hipster, nobleman, and socialite find time to relax and enjoy: SeeCafe & SeeBar made by Scholastika. This is where we serve cool drinks, mix trendy cocktails, and brew deliciously creamy coffee specialties. Want more? How about home-made sheet cakes, refreshing aperitifs, the best wines from near and far, and a laid-back ambience full of wonderful people? We’ve got you covered. All that's missing now to make the mood perfect? You, of course! So, get off the ship and head straight to Scholastika. Cheers!

PS:  Short on time? Help yourself fast, easy, and to your heart's content in our self-service area. True to the motto: Life is too short to wait!

Wir sind in kurzer kreativer Pause!

Liebe Freunde, liebe Gäste, 

wir sind in kurzer Pause und regulär ab 15. DEZ wieder für Euch da!


DANKE an all unsere Freunde, tollen Gäste und unserem einzigartigen Team für einen so lässigen Start in der Scholastika!

- Sabine und Marlene mit einzigartigem TEAM